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    44'''How to handle ERRORS occurred while operating this Optical Character Recognition software'''
    6 TODO
     6These are the error messages specific to OCR.
     11No records in this resource
     14The Resource do not have any records associated with it. You can solve this error by adding one or more record manually to the resource.
     19Tesseract 3.01 not installed
     22Tesseract is the backend OCR software. Ask the Server Administrator to install Tesseract on Sahana Eden Server.
     27Selected OCR Form has no pages
     30The selected Form revision/UUID has not pages in them and hence OCR is not possible on this Form.
     35Uploaded file(s) are not Image(s)
     38You have not provided images which can be recognized by Eden server. The allowed image formats are `.png`, `.bmp`, `.jpg`, `.gif`.
     43OCR module is disabled
     46The OCR module has been disabled. Ask the Server Administrator to Enable it. It can be enabled by un-commenting corresponding OCR module in `models/` in `eden` directory.
     51ImageMagick Command Line tool is not installed
     54`ImageMagick` command line tool has to be installed on the server. Ask the server administrator to install it.
     59Uploaded file is not a PDF file
     62You have not provided a valid PDF file while the upload. Please provide a Form in valid PDF Format.
     67Uploaded PDF file has more/less number of page(s) than required
     70The Uploaded PDF file does not have pages equal to the pages which the revision expects. Check if you have selected appropriate revision for you Form as well as check the Form contain appropriate number of pages.
     75No UTC offset found. Please set UTC offset in your 'User Profile' details
     78For OCRing a proper UTC offset is required for detection of date and time fields properly. Update UTC information in `User Profile` details. Enter UTC in given format: UTC+0530
     83The provided 'jobuuid' is invalid.
     86This session of form upload is invalid. You should retry uploading.
     91The provided 'formuuid' is invalid.
     94You have selected a Form revision which does not exist on this server.
     99An unrecoverable error has occured, Please do a manual OCR
     102The provided form is unreadable, please do manual data entry.