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Sahana Eden Optical Character Recognition Software


Optical Character Recognition (or just OCR) in Sahana Eden is used to facilitate electronic data collection by providing paper based data collection as an alternative by which one can download and print a blank FORM and upload them back after data entry. The OCR software in Sahana Eden will then read them and store the data electronically.


As this operation would essentially have two phases, they have been described in detail.

Download a FORM - (A Blank FORM which could be printed and distributed among the Volunteers for data collection)

Upload a FORM - (A FORM with handwritten data which has to be uploaded back to the Sahana Eden server(s) which could read and store them electronically)

Errors / Frequently Asked Questions

And what if something goes wrong and you see an error message. Most of the common error messages have been described:

What if something goes wrong? - (How to handle ERRORS occurred while operating this Optical Character Recognition software)

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