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    88=== Details ===
    9 <step by step description of the workflow. Where possible include some sort of flow chart or diagram. This should be designed using Google Draw and embedded in the wiki page. Include the link to the Google Draw file so that others can edit it >
     9The first step would be to log in. Log In into Sahana Eden system and then click on ‘Projects’ in the top navigation menu.
     11Now you would need to click on ‘Open’ on the project of your choice. Its the project to which you want to add the annual budget. Once you have clicked on Open, click on Annual Budgets tab. You would see a form to fill the details. You might have to click on ‘New Annual Budget’ Button if there are already some entries. In the form, fill the year, amount and select the currency.  All three fields are necessary. Once done, click on Save and you would receive a confirmation message saying ‘New Annual Budget Created’.
     13To produce a funding report, click on ‘Funding’ in the Reports section in Left side menu. Here you should be able to produce the reports. Click ‘Show’ in Report Options to edit the options. Select your choices and click Submit. You can see the charts and graphs by clicking on the icons above the pivot table.
    1315=== Screenshots ===
    14 <thumbnails of each stage, clickable to see full size>
     17=== TroubleShooting ===
     18==== I don’t see the Annual Budget Tab and Funding report link. ====
     19If you are using the default template, its most likely that you won’t see them by default. You will need to follow the below steps in order to see those options
     211) You’ll need to go to your web2py directory in your system.
     232) Once there, go to applications -> eden -> private -> templates -> default.
     253) Here open the file ‘’ in a text editor.
     274) In this file, you’ll have to find the following lines and remove the # (number sign) from the starting of the lines.
     29settings.project.mode_3w = True
     30 = True
     33settings.project.multiple_budgets = True
     355) Save the file and restart web2py.
     36Now you should be able to see those options. If you are using the IFRC template, then there is no need of the above modifications.
     38==== I want to export all the budget along with the year and amount ====
     39In the Annual Budgets tab, you would see the list of budgets in a table. Above the table it says ‘Export to’ and three icons. Click on first icon to transfer it as PDF and second icon to transfer it as XLS file.
    1741=== Related Workflows ===
    18 <links to related workflows>
     42Add Staff and Volunteers to a Project [[ | Link]]