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     352. Now you can add multi-language info. In the browser, go to /eden/cap/info/import. You can download the template and use that to prepare the data.[[BR]]
     36The column name - [[BR]]
     37'''Identifier''' (the same identifier as above - for which alert this info is targeted)[[BR]]
     38'''Language''' - the language in which the info is targeted (use en-US for English; for other language see [ here]. Use the value in the left side)
     39'''Category''' (list of strings. The list of possible values that can come in are {use value in the left side}[[BR]]
     40“Geo” - Geophysical (inc. landslide) [[BR]]
     41“Met” - Meteorological (inc. flood) [[BR]]
     42“Safety” - General emergency and public safety [[BR]]
     43“Security” - Law enforcement, military, homeland and local/private security [[BR]]
     44“Rescue” - Rescue and recovery [[BR]]
     45“Fire” - Fire suppression and rescue [[BR]]
     46“Health” - Medical and public health [[BR]]
     47“Env” - Pollution and other environmental [[BR]]
     48“Transport” - Public and private transportation [[BR]]
     49“Infra” - Utility, telecommunication, other non-transport infrastructure [[BR]]
     50“CBRNE” – Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear or High-Yield Explosive threat or attack [[BR]]
     51“Other” - Other events [[BR]]
     52'''Event Type''' - the event_type relating to this alert (can use the one already in system at /eden/event/event_type or use new one here)[[BR]]
     53'''Response Type''' - list of strings, can be multiple separated by comma(,).Possible values are[[BR]]
     54“Shelter” – Take shelter in place or per <instruction>[[BR]]
     55“Evacuate” – Relocate as instructed in the <instruction>[[BR]]
     56“Prepare” – Make preparations per the <instruction>[[BR]]
     57“Execute” – Execute a pre-planned activity identified in <instruction>[[BR]]
     58“Avoid” – Avoid the subject event as per the <instruction>[[BR]]
     59“Monitor” – Attend to information sources as described in <instruction>[[BR]]
     60“Assess” – Evaluate the information in this message.  (This value SHOULD NOT be used in public warning applications.)[[BR]]
     61“AllClear” – The subject event no longer poses a threat or concern and any follow on action is described in <instruction>[[BR]]
     62“None” – No action recommended[[BR]]
     63'''Audience''' - The text describing the intended audience of the alert message[[BR]]
     64'''Event Code''' - list of dictionary with KEY:VALUE, can be multiple, separated by comma(,) eg. [{"KEY1":"VALUE1"},{"KEY2":"VALUE2"},...][[BR]]
     65'''Sender Name''' - The human-readable name of the agency or authority issuing this alert.[[BR]]
     66'''Headline''' - A brief human-readable headline.  Note that some displays (for example, short messaging service devices) may only present this headline; it SHOULD be made as direct and actionable as possible while remaining short.  160 characters MAY be a useful target limit for headline length.[[BR]]
     67'''Description''' - An extended human readable description of the hazard or event that occasioned this message.[[BR]]
     68'''Instruction''' - An extended human readable instruction to targeted recipients. [[BR]]
     69'''Contact''' - The text describing the contact for follow-up and confirmation of the alert message [[BR]]
     70'''Parameters''' - same as Event Code[[BR]]
    3471|| 5. || After you fill out necessary information and click on '''Save''' button at the bottom of the form I mentioned above, you can now see one extra tab ['''''Information template''''']. Now go to the '''''Information template''''' tab and begin to fill the information.[[br]]To add information, you can see '''Add alert information''' on the right side of your screen. A form appears. Now you can begin to add information to the alert. Refer the image on the side. || [[Image(]] ||