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    42 === Configuring CAP Parameters ===
     42=== Configure ===
    44 [[ | Watch the Video]]
     44==== Purpose ====
     45A configuration is specific to an implementation. It could be a country context or an organization context implementation. This document walks you through the necessary parameters that must be defined for the specific CAP messaging procedures and workflows
    46 The implementation specific data parameters can be configured using the deployment settings. In this section we show how to set the following parameters:
    47 * Identifier prefix and post-fix
    48 * Warning priorities (severity, certainty, and urgency)
    49 * Source (server or domain publishing the alerts)
    50 * Onset (event type and priority specific date-time offset)
     47==== List of elements to configure ====
     49===== Identifier =====
     52In your eden directory, go to models/ and open with notepad or any other text editing software. If you scroll down, there's a line called CAP Settings. You can directly search (using CTRL + F). [[BR]]
     53There are options for configuring prefix, OID and suffix. By default, it looks like this:
     55settings.cap.identifier_prefix = "PAGASA-DOST" [[BR]]
     56settings.cap.identifier_oid = "" [[BR]]
     57settings.cap.identifier_suffix = "alert" [[BR]]
     59You can configure the prefix, oid and suffix according to your organisation.
     61For national authority, see
     63===== Priority =====
     65In the modules/templates/SAMBRO/Demo, there is cap_warning_priority.csv file. This file contains different columns for different data.[[BR]]
     66The 'Priority Rank' is used to enumerate the priority for the event, for example (1, Signal 1), (2, Signal 2)..., (5, Signal 5) to enumerate the priority for cyclone.[[BR]]
     67The 'Event Code' is the code(key) for the particular event.[[BR]]
     68The 'Name' here refers to the name of the priority. for example, Typhoons in Philippines have five priority name (PSWS# 1, PSWS# 2, PSWS# 3, PSWS# 4 and PSWS# 5) [[BR]][[BR]]
     69The 'Event Type' is the name of the standard Eden Event type (also the name of the event from prepopulated CAP data). This is available at modules/templates/default/event_type.csv (The 'Event Type' should be exactly same as in event_type.csv - case sensitive). For those events which are not in this csv file, can use as 'others' and for different priority can assign different value of urgency, severity, and certainty (as in the default) [[BR]][[BR]]
     70The 'Urgency' value can be one of:[[BR]]
     71- "Immediate" - (meaning) Responsive action SHOULD be taken immediately
     72- "Expected" - (meaning) Responsive action SHOULD be taken soon (within next hour)
     73- "Future" -  (meaning) Responsive action SHOULD be taken in the near future
     74- "Past" - (meaning) Responsive action is no longer required
     75- "Unknown" - (meaning) Urgency not known
     76The 'Severity' value can be one of: [[BR]]
     77- "Extreme" - (meaning) Extraordinary threat to life or property
     78- "Severe" - (meaning) Significant threat to life or property
     79- "Moderate" - (meaning) Possible threat to life or property
     80- "Minor" – (meaning) Minimal to no known threat to life or property
     81- "Unknown" - (meaning) Severity unknown
     82The 'Certainty' value can be one of: [[BR]]
     83- "Observed" – (meaning) Determined to have occurred or to be ongoing
     84- "Likely" - (meaning) Likely (p > ~50%)
     85- "Possible" - (meaning) Possible but not likely (p <= ~50%)
     86- "Unlikely" - (meaning) Not expected to occur (p ~ 0)
     87- "Unknown" - (meaning) Certainty unknown
     88The 'Color Code' is the color for the priority, for eg. for priority 1, the color code could be 'red'.[[BR]]
     89'Name' along with 'Urgency', 'Severity' and 'Certainty' are compulsory field.
     91'''You can always go to eden/cap/warning_priority and began to fill in the details. You can only access this via Admin Role'''
     93===== Onset =====
     96In your eden directory, go to models/ and open Scroll down and you will see [[BR]]
     98settings.cap.expire_offset = 2
     100This parameter is maintained to assign the default period to offset the expire date; i.e. effective + expire_offset. The default is 2 days. You can change the number of the period. With the offset, we trying to help speed up the data entry.
    52102==== Identifier ====