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    99== Work Flows ==
     11=== User Management ===
     13Some of the user management resembles to core Sahana User Management, which can be found [ here]. The management specific to SAMBRO are described below:
     15==== Self Subscriptions ====
     16After you login, the dropdown on the your_email on the top right side shows the sub menu for subscription.
     20The table lists your subscriptions. To add, click on "Create Subscription" button on the right side above the table list.
     22[[Image(]] [[BR]] [[BR]]
     24The subscription form list the drop down for the Event Type, Priority and the Language which you want to receive the alert. It also list the medium through which you want to receive the alert (Email, SMS, Mobile App, FTP).
     26[[Image(]] [[BR]] [[BR]]
     28If you do not choose any of the filters, then you will receive the alert for all kind of event type, priority as well as in all language.
     30==== Admin Forced Subscriptions ====
     32The admin forced subscriptions is mostly for personnel who are bound to receive the alerts. This may be the policy or the standard operating procedures. Note this is accessible only for admin.[[BR]]
     33Logged in as admin, you will see 'Recipients' menu at the top.
     35[[Image(]] [[BR]][[BR]]
     37Click on there and you will be redirected to the table list of recipient. Recipients could be individuals or the group of people. Click on 'Add Recipient to List' in order to add new person/group of people to the list.
     39[[Image(]] [[BR]][[BR]]
     41Select the people, group of people and then filter the event type, priority and language and the medium through which you want them to receive the alerts. Remember that if you don't select any of event type, priority and language, the people and the group of people will receive all the alerts. That is no filter is applied. If you want the people or group of people only to recieve the earthquake alert, you can select the Earthquake Event Type from the drop down.
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    13 === User Management ===