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    196196* After saving, Click on '''SMS OUTBOUNDS GATEWAYS'''. There could be a number of channels for the SMS but the Gateway define which one to use. Click to create a new gateway and select the appropriate '''Channel''' that you want to use along with the '''Default Country Code''' for the SMS. Click Save.
    197197* Add your phone number and test by using url /eden/msg/compose.
     199=== Setting up Twitter Account ===
     201SAMBRO lets you post your alerts on twitter automatically without having to copy-paste again.
     202* Get the authentication details for Twitter by signing in to
     203 * Create New App
     204 * Create an Access Token in the Keys and Access Tokens tab
     205* Go to Administration -> Settings. On the left panel, you will see a number of Settings including the Twitter Channels. Click on it.
     206* Click on '''Add Twitter Channel'''. Fill out the details along with the '''Twitter Account, Consumer Key, Consumer Secret, Access Token, Access Token Secret'''. You have to check the '''Use for Login?''' to be able to be post on the twitter. Click Save.
    198207== Other ==