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    2121|| 7 || After filling all the information, click on save at the bottom of the form. You will be redirected to the place where you started.[[br]]a) If you wish to edit further, just click '''Open''' button against the information row.[[br]]b) To add another '''Information''' to the alert, click on '''Add alert information''' at the right side of the screen. || [[Image(]] ||
    2222|| 8 || Now you can begin to create area. Area can be created in two ways:[[br]]a) You can select from the [# predefined areas] under '''''Predefined Areas''''' tab according to Event and Priority. Location for this area will be the same as defined for this predefined area.[[br]]Click on '''Assign''' button(circled in image) to finish creating the area || [[Image(]] ||
     23|| 8 || If you click on '''''Area''''' tab, you can see the area from you just assigned. You can also see that the Information Segment for that area is not given (-). We need to tell for which information segment this area is for. || [[Image(]] ||
     24|| 8 || This can be done by clicking '''Open''' button in the picture above. Then in the '''Information Segment''' field, choose to which this area is for. || [[Image(]] ||
    2325|| 8 ||b) You can also create area from the '''''Area''''' tab. Click on the '''''Area''''' tab, where you can see '''Add Area''' button on the right side of the screen. Click there and you will see a form to fill the area information for the alert. [[br]]Select for which information segment this area is because an alert can have multiple info segment.[[br]]- If you have [ GIS Data] for country, then you can choose from the hierarchy and then click '''Draw on Map''' button. This places the center and zoom of the map according to the selected hierarchy.[[br]]- If you don't have hierarchy data, simply select the Country and then click '''Draw on Map''' button and began drawing on it. || [[Image(]] ||
    2426|| 8 || In any event, successively click then move the mouse, drawing a polygon with vertices at each click.  Double-clicking ends the polygon.[[br]] Click on '''Save''' button at the end of page and area is added to the alert || [[Image(]] ||