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    11= How to Publish CAP Messages =
     3== GUI Features ==
     5=== Create a CAP Message ===
     7'''[[ | Watch the Video]]'''
     9The workflow for creation of a CAP alert is as below.
     11As the first step of the process, you will need to select a template.
     17A form is displayed to you after the template has been applied on it. You can edit the alert qualifiers now.
     23After you are done and submitted the above form you will be redirected to a page where you can add information about the alert. Fill in the details as it applies
     28After saving the alert information you can click on the "Open" button against the information row to edit it further or to add its components such as Area or Resource.
     32The next image is slightly obsolete.  It shows an embedded "Location" widget (a subform with pick lists, map, and "Draw on Map" button).  That's gone now.  Instead, alongside the Area tab is a "Location" tab.  From that tab, there is an "Add Location" button -- clicking that exposes the location widget.  This change allows adding multiple location records to an Area, as the CAP specification allows.
     37Click on the "Draw on Map" button to open a map to mark the boundary of the affected area.
     41Some Sahana versions have a toolbar on the map, as shown: its polygon tool will be active by default when you open the map (or select it as needed later).
     43In any event, successively click then move the mouse, drawing a polygon with vertices at each click.  Double-clicking ends the polygon.
     47Close the map and click on save to commit the area to the alert information.
     51You can now also attach files to the Alert information by going to the "Resources" tab.