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    32321. Click on the '''OPEN''' button and you will be presented with information segment form to begin editing the alert event specific information.
    34 ==== Adding Information Segment ====
    36 || 6. || Now go to the '''''Information''''' tab and begin to fill the information. To add information, you can see '''Add Alert Information''' on the right side of your screen as you saw for alert above.[[br]]If you already see the record under the '''''Information''''' tab, then those are from the alert template that you selected in step 4. In that case, open that record and begin editing and filling the information.[[br]]NB: As you begin to fill information, you can see that when you select '''Event''' field from the available dropdown, it triggers '''Priority''' field and that '''Priority''' field selects options in the '''Urgency''', '''Severity''' and '''Certainty''' field. This is because '''Event''' has '''Priority''' associated with them and every '''Priority''' has the predefined '''Urgency''', '''Severity''' and '''Certainty''' value associated with it [[br]] ''''NB: If you see the pair of square bracket, then those are most probably created following [ this technique]. These are actually the place holders for the actual information. Now replace those placeholders with the actual information''''|| [[Image(]] [[Image(]] ||
    37 || 7. || After filling all the information, click on '''Save''' button at the bottom of the form. You will be redirected to the place where you started.[[br]]a) If you wish to edit further, just click '''Open''' button against the information row.[[br]]b) To add another '''Information''' to the alert, click on '''Add alert information''' at the right side of the screen. || [[Image(]] ||
    3937==== Copying Info Segment for Multiple Language ====