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    82821. The SMS Generating function is available [ here]
     84== System Menu ==
     86Depending upon your role and responsibility, you might see all, some or none of the menu item. I will describe the meaning and purpose of each of them here. The purpose will be same no matter what role you are assigned with.[[BR]][[BR]]
     901. The '''Home Page''' for the system. In case of Philippines, the home page is the alert hub page.
     911. The '''Alerts''' has Option Menus for creating, approving alerts. As well as preparing the templates, predefined alerting areas, warning classifications for the event as well as managing events, and viewing the approved and incomplete alert.
     921. '''Alert Hub''' menu shows the map and tabular form of the CAP compiled alerts coming from the external system.The external alerts can be relayed through the system.
     931. '''Organizations''' menu lets you manage your organization, assign the CAP OID, create branches and label CAP OID in branches as well.
     941. '''Persons''' menu allows you to create the person, edit their contact details, manage address, education, map settings etc. Also, you can create a group of person from the Options Menu in the Persons Menu.[[BR]]
     95NB: The person may not be authenticated user, ie. you can create a person, send them alerts etc without allowing them to login to the system, assigning any roles etc. Of course, you can allow them too.
     961. '''Recipients''' allows the administrator to manage the list of people as well as the group of person who are forced to receive the alerts.
     971. '''Map''' menu allows you to perform various GIS related tasks in the system like managing layers, maintaining the hierarchy of the administrative division, defining styles, projection system, layers for WMS, and many others.
    84101== Design and Specifications ==