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    3434== Data ==
    3535Note: the alert data model and its children are more or less identical to those in the [ CAP 1.2 Specification]. The help text next to each field in the UI describes the purpose of these as in the specification document.
    36 * '''Alerts''' -- The qualifiers of the alert message. Includes alert identifier, sender, message type, scope (audience), references to other cap alerts and other fields.
    37   * '''Alert information''' -- An alert can contain more than one information element, the primary purpose of this is to annotate the alert message in multiple languages. An information part of the alert contains fields that are pertinent to the actual subject and characters of the alert. Fields include: language, category of the alert, a short description of the event, expected response type, priority, urgency, severity, certainty, target audience, auxiliary codes and parameters as metadata to the event, time of effectiveness, onset and expiry, name of the sender, headline of the event, a url, contact information etc.
    38     * '''Resource''' -- One or more files attached to the information (could be things like a map of the affected area, documents containing instructions etc.)
    39     * '''Area''' -- Each alert information item may contain one or more area fields which describe the affected geographical area and optionally provide data to place it on a map.
    4036== Future Plans ==