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     1= ShaRe Guide =
     4== Purpose ==
     5The user guide provides a set of step-by-step instructions from installing, customizing, and operationaizing SHARE software for managing relief and rehabilitation activities. It is intended for all user levels: novices to experts. The guide is structured to take you through an actual implementation with real world examples and data. [[br]]
     7=== How to use the Guide ===
     8The user guide is designed to quickly access relevant information for performing a user's role specific task. The topics are ordered such as that the most frequently used activities are listed first, like submitting a request, and the seldom used, one time Admin type activities, are listed at the bottom. We have segmented the '''role specific work flow topics'''. If you are a particular user searching for a topic, '''first navigate to the type of user you are and then select the work flow activity''':
     91. How to submit a request
     101. How to register a supplier
     111. How to administer translations
     13== Role Specific Topics ==
     14=== User Roles and Permissions ===
     15While Sahana allows for defining various user roles and permissions to the customer's liking, SAMBRO has identified five major roles. The roles and their functions are defined in the table below
     17=== Requester for Relief & Rehabilitation ===
     19=== Suppliers (Services & Goods) ===
     21=== System Administrators ===
     221. Quick installation
     232. Minor customizations
     243. Translations
     26== Design and Specifications ==
     28For advance users or developers interested in  the SAMBRO software design requirements and specifications are discussed in the[[br]]
     29[wiki:BluePrint/ShaRe Sahana Relief and Rehabilitation (ShaRe) Blueprint]