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This Eden Document Workflow is a simple guide to the process of adding recruited volunteers to the database system. This guide is aimed for use by system administrators who have the responsibility of updating new volunteers into the computer system on a regular basis.


Registration Overview

1.Select the Volunteers option on the Sahana Eden Humanitarian Platform view image This will open the Sahana Volunteer Page

2.On the left hand pane select new under the volunteer tab view image

This displays a list of empty fields which require to be filled. They are grouped into various categories depending on the data type required.

As many fields as possible should be filled.

Personal details view image

-First Name -Last Name -Date of Birth -Initials -Preferred Name -Local Name -Sex -Marital Status -Nationality -Religion -Name of Mother -Name of Father -Normal Job -Company -Affiliations -Comments

Volunteer Records view image

-Organisation -Programme -Volunteer Role -Volunteer Cluster Type -Volunteer Cluster -Volunteer Cluster Position -Start Date -End Date -Status

Identity view image

-ID -ID type -Number -Valid From -Valid Until -Description -Country Code -Issuing Authority -Comments

Description view image

-Description -Ethnicity -Blood Type -Other Details

(note) Remember to SAVE your entries at EACH stage to avoid loss of data.

You have successfully added a new volunteer to the Sahana System Volunteer Database.

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