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    1717  - [#ChecklistofOperations Maintain the checklist of identification operations]
    1818  - [#IdentificationReport Report about identification of a body]
     20== Deployment Policy ==
     22Recommended Deployment Policy:
     24  1. Sahana Foundation hosts a separate instance for that (e.g. with only secured access (SSL). This can be done immediately (2-4 hours until operative).
     25  2. This instance has enabled only the person registry, the missing person registry and the DVI module (no interfering modules).
     26  3. This instance gets then used to
     27    - collect photographs and identification-relevant information from dead bodies
     28    - collect tracking/tracing data about the bodies
     29    - collect the same data on missing persons (fetching from Google PF)
     30    - watching of pre-selected photos by relatives or authorised staff
     31    - manage recovery and DVI-related operations
     32  4. The instance is completely closed for public access, only supervised access is possible. That is - additional missing person data are collected through interviews and get entered only by staff or volunteers. Viewing of photos happens in supervised areas and is restricted to relatives of missing persons, all others and especially the media staff are strictly kept out. The areas shall be operated by either governmental agencies (e.g., police forces) or trusted NGO's (e.g. Red Cross), in any case supervised by the local public prosecutor or a similar instance.
     33  6. The data will be ready for re-use by professional DVI teams on authorisation of the local public prosecutor or a similar instance.
     34  7. Sahana Foundation will hand over all of the data to the local public prosecutor or a similar instance, and secure delete any copies/backups on their servers as soon as the prosecutor's office is operative again. We're happy to assist in the deployment of a SahanaPy instance under their authority.
     35  8. The Sahana team has at no time access to the data except the server administrators while serving the operation. Any operation on the data is subject to discretion, and requires all participating Sahana community members to identify themselves at the responsible agency.
     36  9. In case, there is a Haiti governmental instance or trusted NGO in the position to deploy a SahanaPy DVI instance on their own infrastructure from the beginning, then Sahana Foundation support rather this - and will provide any assistance needed for it.
     37== News ==
     38 * Working on [wiki:Haiti Haiti Emergency Response]
     39 * Released [ Milestone 0.3 "Banwell"]
     40 * We had a [ Talk] and a [wiki:WorkOutFossIn2009 Workout] at [].
     41 * [ IRC meeting 2] on Wed 23rd Sep at 19:30 UTC
     42 * [ IRC meeting 1]
     43 * Participated in [ Google Summer of Code 2009]
     44 * We had a [wiki:FOSSkriti Hackfest at FOSSkriti]
    2046== Get Access Permission ==