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Module for Management of Dead Bodies and Victim Identification (DVI)

This module assists you in

  • Reporting Body finds and manage recovery tasks
  • Register and trace dead bodies

Get Access Permission

This module is not meant for public use, but for SAR/DVI teams. Hence, you need to get access permissions assigned by the system administrator (contact information on the front page) to be able to use this module.

Report a Body Find

  1. Enter date/time and location where the bodies were found. Choose a reference location from the locations list and/or describe location details (e.g. GPS coordinates) in the field below.
  2. Specify the number of bodies found and describe in brief the conditions at the place of find (e.g. trapped under debris, etc.)
  3. Press "Save".

Register a Body

Register a body to the database at:

  1. Enter the ID tag number or body bag number into the field ID Label (Use a barcode reader, if available)
  2. You may select the corresponding find report from the list (optional)
  3. Enter date/time and the location from where the body has been recovered
  4. Specify details of the recovery in the field below (e.g. GPS coordinates, possible ID-relevant information)
  5. Check the options below to indicate the overall condition of the body
  6. Specify age group and gender by the select fields below
  7. Press "Save".

Trace a Body

  1. Enter the ID tag number or body bag number into the search field and press "Search"
  2. Select the correct record from the search results
  3. Select "Presence" from the menu "Body: ", or go to:
  • See the list of locations the body has been registered to
  • Add a new entry using the form under the list as follows:
    1. Observer: person accepting the body at the location
    2. Reporter: person reporting the body admission (i.e. you or your responsible team leader)
    3. Location: select your location from list
    4. Specify location details (e.g. place code, shelf/box number, GPS coordinates)
    5. Enter date/time of arrival
    6. Choose a presence condition (see table below)
    7. Press "Save".

Presence Conditions:

Check-Inarriving at this location for storage
Check-Outreleased (e.g. to relatives) from this location after storage
Reconfirmationre-confirmation of storage at this location (on request)
Foundonly temporarily at this location, accidentally found
Proceduretemporarily at this location for a procedure (e.g. examination)
Transittemporarily at this location between two transfers (specify origin and destination)
Transferreleased from this location to be transferred to another (specify destination)
Missingno longer present at this location, but missing
Lostno longer at this location, but destroyed/disposed here

Checklist of DVI Operations

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