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     1= The Hospital User Guide =
     3<_nursix_> Those hospitals who have net access might want to update their status information themselves (as they do on their own websites, blogs etc)
     4<_nursix_> Someone would need to inform them
     5<_nursix_> Update a hospital's status is simple:
     6<_nursix_> Go to and log in
     7<_nursix_> Then go to and enter the first three to five letters of the hospital name, then press search
     8<_nursix_> From the search results, click on the ID of your hospital
     9<_nursix_> Update the form that is popping up
     10<_nursix_> Press save
     11<_nursix_> At this stage, your hospital appears in the menu bar above
     12<_nursix_> This menu contains links to more details
     13<_nursix_> Select e.g. "Bed Capacity" and update the form
     14<_nursix_> You may also specify your needs under "Shortages"
     15<_nursix_> Important: Update the contact information of your hospital under
     16<_nursix_> The hospitals main page, the "Bed Capacity" and the "Shortages" pages should be updated in a regular manner.
     17<_nursix_> Also important: Please put in a service profile of your hospital under "Services"
     18<_nursix_> Just tick the specialities your hospital provides _right now_
     19<_nursix_> You may create a bookmark to your hospital's page in your browser. The URL looks like:<your_hospital's_id_here>
     20<_nursix_> E.g.
     22<_nursix_> A direct update link looks like that:
     24<_nursix_> (You need to login, of course)
     25<_nursix_> To add information about Bed Capacity:
     26<_nursix_> Go to (example)