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User Guidelines - Organizsation Registry


This module keeps track of all the relief organizations working in the disaster region.

  1. It allows to add your organisation, and help you to maintain it.
  2. It allows to add offices to your organisations.
  3. It allows to add facilities to your organisations.


Tables to which your access is allowed are-

  • Organisation Information:-This section includes name, acronym, type, email and other related fields.More info about Persona:
    • Home or Country: The country to which the organisation belongs.
    • Contact info:This section is for email, mobile number.
    • Logo: One can add the logo of the organisation by which it organisation would be recognised by the people.
    • Comments: One can add comments about his/her organisation.
  • Programs:-The rescue program or time tracking program and so on in which the organisation or is going to be involved.
  • Other table includes:
  • Offices or Warehouses- Can add the location of the organisations office or warehouse and various other contact info about the office.
  • Facilities- Can add the name of type of facility provided, and when will it be available along with the contact.
  • Staff or Volunteers- Can add the general info about the staff or the volunteer working for the organisation.
  • Assets- Can add your asset, to whom it is assigned to, whether it is available or not and various other contact info.



  • The list of organizations, Activities, Offices, Staff can be export to files, such as: PDF, Excel, RSS.
  • But they are just the summary of informations
  • There are timely reports as well, you can search for organisations through "Filter Options".
  • Report about a Organisation can be submitted by going to the "Report" section and then filling the required fields.
  • This section also allows us to view total as well as the full summary of training sessions as well as other programs held by organisations.

Screen Shots

Edit Organizations

Organization Details

List Activies

Office Details

Add Staff

Video Tour

Introduction Organization Application


To List/Add Organisations:

To edit a Location:

To edit a Cluster:

Draft manual:

This module is under contruction:

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