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S3UI Framework

S3XRC being a powerful backend that serves XML and JSON in a RESTful manner has now got a front-end framework that can exploit its positives. S3UI - the new ExtJS based front-end help us not only utilize S3XRC but also save a lot of bandwidth by exchanging information in JSON instead of full page reloads. This in turn aims to create an easy and quick workflow for different tasks that a user does with Sahana Eden.

Current State


  • S3UI Framework allows end users to speed up their workflow by providing widgets that work on S3XRC.
  • Right now it has 3 major elements -
    • Grid View widget
    • Popup Forms
    • Rheader tabs
  • In place edits and creation are possible now.
  • S3UI framework communicates to backend in JSON through ExtJS


Video Tour of Features

1. Grid View widget Grid view sample

  • Top toolbar -
    • Use "Save Changes" to commit any changes done on grid. None of the changes that don't pass through backend validation are committed.
    • When you make a wrong change, or you make too many of them and wish to start fresh, hit on "Undo Changes"
    • To add a fresh record, use "Add New" to pop up a form window
  • Data Columns -
    • Used to sort data by field - ascending or descending
    • click down arrow on one of them to turn fields shown ON and OFF
  • The Data Grid -
    • Once you're logged in, and have authority to edit data, the grid rendered is an editable one.
      • How to Edit?
        • Click a field to turn it into editable mode.
        • The red blips indicate edited fields
        • Once done, hit the "Save Changes" button
  • Actions -
    • This helps you open or delete a record - as indicated by icons

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