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The page is an inventory of Sahana-Eden videos, ranging from installing Sahana-Eden with various operating systems, to running it and creating new applications. Use the the convention in this site to add new Sahana-Eden videos in the designated section: demo, tutorial, channel, live. Include the link, a short summary, the name of the video producer (or person who uploaded it), and release date (or upload date).

The objective of this page is to assist you with getting acquainted with Sahana-Eden, with easy graphical explanations. It should help you get the necessary components up and running with ease, and also for you to become an experienced user. The videos should help you with a particular Sahana-Eden objective you wish to attain.

These videos are, typically, hosted on YouTube and Vimeo repository and then linked through this page.

If one of your videos is on here, and only your alias is listed not your real name, you can edit the page and replace your alias with your real name.

Some Assumptions

Some videos are produced assuming that you have already installed web2py; some are not; some presuming eden is already installed and that you already know the basics. There will be a caption below each video, a short summery of what it covers, as well as author info and requirements.



What is Sahana-Eden? Marto Atanasov 30 November 2011 A brief description of what Sahana-Eden actually is, and it's origins. Also an overview of the Sahana-Eden site, and various resources.

DEMO:OCR integration Shiv Deepak did well on his project for OCR integration into Sahana-Eden. Here we can see videos of his progress, as well as the final review. Uploaded August 2011.

DEMO: S3UI framwork A demo on the S3UI framework by Abhishek Mishra, showing a new widget to visualize table data differently. Uploaded 19 August 2010.

DEMO: Save Search & Subscription A nice, simple descriptive video of a Save Search and Subscription feature, by 'xenon2409'. Uploaded 11 July 2011.

DEMO: Web setup with Eden This is a short demo by 'anubhavagg929' about choosing which local instance of Eden to run. Uploaded 13 July 2011.

DEMO: Resource Mapping System This is a demo of a real company who use Sahana-Eden for their work. Video by 'ResourceMappingSys' channel - No direct alias or real name given. Uploaded 15 November 2011.


TUTORIAL: Installing Sahana-Eden (Windows). A well made video tutorial documenting the installation process of Sahana-Eden. Made by 'Dooma'. Uploaded 6 December 2011.

TUTORIAL: Climate Data Portal Using Sahana-Eden's Climate Data Portal. An extremely clear tutorial by Michael Amy on how to use the Climate Data Portal. Uploaded July 2011.

TUTORIAL: Installing a Developer instance of Sahana-Eden. (Windows). Again, well made tutorial by 'Dooma'. Uploaded 12 December 2011.

TUTORIAL: Installing Sahana-Eden (Linux). Another installation tutorial, this time for Linux (specifically, Ubuntu). This tutorial is not so good as the above ones, with no sound, and low quality; you have to watch it full screen to be able to follow at all. It also assumes web2py is already installed. Courtesy of 'ounziw'. Uploaded 25 July 2010.

TUTORIAL:Spreadsheets A useful tutorial by 'highfiver81' about spread sheets in Sahana-Eden. Unfortunately no sound, but useful non the less. Uploaded 15 August 2010.


CHANNEL: Michael Howden This is not a single video, as much as a collection of videos by the great Michael Howden Sahana-Eden developer himself! In his vimeo channel he has videos covering a wide range of topics for Sahana-Eden, including Donation management, Volunteer management, Widgets creation, inventory mangement, and more!

CHANNEL: Vimeo tag search: Sahana Not really a channel, but the entire taglist for "sahana" on vimeo. Although some videos are not to do with Sahana-Eden. There are also many videos in different languages here.


LIVE: Disaster Simulation An intuitive simulation from Sahana-Camp 2010 about how Sahana-Eden can be used in a real disaster scenario. Uploaded November 2010. LIVE: A demo by Michael Howden, from Sahana-Camp 2010. It's an intuitive simulation about how Sahana-Eden can be used in a real disaster scenario. Uploaded November 2010.

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