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What is Sahana Eden?

  • Sahana Eden is an Open Source Humanitarian Platform which can be used to provide solutions for Disaster Management, Development, and Environmental Management sectors.
  • Open Source means that it is easily Customisable, Extensible and Free.
  • It is supported by the Sahana Software Foundation.
  • Try it now on our Demo Site
  • Project Brief

Where has Sahana been used?

Case Studies:

The following are some of the available modules:

  • Requests Management - Tracks requests for items and assistance and matches them against sources.
  • Inventory Management – Receive, Send and Manage Items in Inventories
  • Volunteer Management - Manage volunteers by capturing their skills, availability and allocation.
  • Missing Persons Registry - Report and Search for Missing Persons.
  • Disaster Victim Identification.
  • Shelter Registry - Tracks the location, distribution, capacity and breakdown of victims in Shelters.
  • Hospital Management System - Hospitals can share information on resources & needs.
  • Organization Registry - "Who is doing What & Where". Allows relief agencies to coordinate their activities.
  • Decision Support 2.0 - Virtual support of posting problems, discussing ideas, voting on solutions resulting in a ranked list.
  • Mapping - Situation Awareness & Geospatial Analysis.
  • Messaging - Sends & Receives Alerts via Email & SMS.
  • Document Library - A library of digital resources, such as Photos & Office documents.

Sahana Eden is a project of the Sahana Software Foundation

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