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Sahana Eden Wiki User Guide

The Sahana Eden Wiki flows from page to page, starting with the Start Page. This page shows the general umbrella topics such as: Installation Guidelines for Eden and Contact information. On the wiki pages of these umbrella topics, there are more links to related topics. For example: The Installation Guidelines link leads to other wiki pages depending on the operating system chosen. All of these pages and subpages in the Wiki can be found in the Index.

Adding New Content

To add a new page to the wiki, you simply type in the URL of the page you want to create: ( When the page tells you that the page has not been created yet, click "Create This Page"! In order to format the page, use the WikiFormatting Syntax.

Editing Content

To edit any body of text in the wiki, simply scroll over the header and click [EDIT]. This will bring up a text editor which again requires the use of the WikiFormatting Syntax.

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