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     1= Introduction =
     2A "Work Out" is an intense period of work either focused around specific tasks or a specific event where a number of Sahanians are together (eg. a FOSS Conference).
     4(Feel free to modify this definition)
     6= Format =
     7They could either be held in a physical location with a group of Sahanian, or virtually (perhaps over the period of a week), or a combination of both.
     9= Proposed Work Outs =
     10Any of these could potentially be merged...
     11== Spring Clean ==
     12There seem to be a number of things which we could do to make the code more "beautiful", easier to read and easier to work with. This could be a good opportunity for people new to the code to get a deeper understanding of how it all works, while the more experienced can offer advise + checking).
     14These ideas are just proposals...
     15 * Getting rid of the database reserved keyword warnings
     16 * Replaced repeated code with functions (eg a pop-up wrapper function)
     17 * Standardized coding conventions (Naming, Indents, " vs ')
     18 * Moving imported data out of code and into csv/xml files
     19 * Adding header information to all code
     20 * Wrapping code lines so that they are readable on a single page
     21 * Documenting functions
     22 * "Organisation" vs "Organization" - OK, I speak the Queen's English too, but after working for an American "Organization", I now get confused - can we just change it to "Org" in the code?
     23== Learning the Framework ==
     24Especially for GSOC Students and Mentors
     25 * Using BZR
     26 * REST Controller
     27 * GIS
     28== GSOC Student Selection ==
     29 * Some sort of workout to gauge the skills and interests of students
     30 * Could be combined with either of the top 2 workouts
     31 * Student applications must be completed by 9 April, the organization must select students by 21st April. A good time for the workout could be the week of the 12th - 18th of April
     32 * Developing a volunteer management module