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Bug Reporting Guidelines

Steps to Report a Bug

  1. Search the FRP bug report to see if this bug has already been reported (does not have to be a exhaustive search, but a simple skim). Check report
  2. If not click on New Ticket or goto URL
  3. Describe the bug using the template and guidelines below and ideally add a screenshot
    • Leave Milestone blank
    • Mark the version as frp-prod if it is a bug in the production site or frp-test if it is a bug on the testing site
    • Use the appropriate module name frs, admin, mapping, organization, UI
    • Use Bug Priority scale below and Description template below
    • To attach a screenshot click on I have files to attach to this ticket and upload the file after submitting the first form (a picture is worth a thousand words to explain the issue !)

Bug Priorities (a scale for FRP specifically)

  • Critical - big functionality, stability and data integrity defects
  • Major - Functionality defects, mis-expectations on key requirements
  • Minor - UI, Style, Usability defects
  • Trivial - Minor alignment issues, nice to have

Description Template:

System Tested:

Release Version:
Sahana r603 (if you know)

Requirement Number: (if it is relevant)

Firefox 3.5
Windows XP

User should be logged in to the system.

1) Click ‘Mapping’.
2) Click ‘Map Service Catalogue’.
3) Click ‘Features’.
4) Click on an ID in the Location list. (The 'Edit location' page will appear.)
6) Remove the value in the 'Latitude' field. (This step is optional)
5) Click on 'Conversion Tool' link.

Expected Result:

    The Converter should appear.

Actual Result:

    Clicking the link results nothing. Converter doesn't appear.
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