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Bug Reporting Guidelines

Testing Site:

Current revision is: frp-0.9.5-603 (2010-02-12 08:53:16) (ref: )


These User roles have been pre-setup so that you can use it to test

  • Admin: frp @
  • IP User: ip_user, ip_user2, ip_user3, ip_user4 @,
  • IP Admin: ip_admin @
  • FAC user: fac_user @
  • FAC admin: fac_admin @
  • Translators: translator @

Common Password: haiti

Steps to Report a Bug

  1. Search the FRP bug report to see if this bug has already been reported (does not have to be a exhaustive search, but a simple skim). Check report
  2. If not click on New Ticket or goto URL
  3. Describe the bug using the template and guidelines below and ideally add a screenshot
    • Leave Milestone blank
    • Mark the version as frp-test if it is a bug on the testing site
    • Use the appropriate module name frs, admin, mapping, organization, UI (optional)
  4. Add optional fields
    • Optional: Use Bug Priority scale below and Description template below
    • At the Requirement Number of the URD if it is relevant
    • To attach a screenshot click on I have files to attach to this ticket and upload the file after submitting the first form (a picture is worth a thousand words to explain the issue !)

Bug Priorities (a scale for FRP specifically)

  • Critical - big functionality, stability and data integrity defects
  • Major - Functionality defects, mis-expectations on key requirements
  • Minor - UI, Style, Usability defects
  • Trivial - Minor alignment issues, nice to have

Description Template:

System Tested:
Sahana rel-frp-beta-582

Firefox 3.5
Windows XP

1) Click ‘Mapping’.
6) Remove the value in the 'Latitude' field. (This step is optional)
5) Click on 'Conversion Tool' link.

Expected Result:

    The Converter should appear.

Actual Result:

    Clicking the link results nothing. Converter doesn't appear.
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