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This is the guide to host your project demo's to be public.

Login to server using your assigned user names and passwords.

After logging in you will need to spawn web2py according to the ports assigned to you.

example: For lifeeth it is:

python -p 8001               

For running the web2py instance in the background you can execute:

screen python -p 8002

To detach from the screen

ctrl+a d

To reconnect to the screen to kill the instance do a

screen -r 

To connect to the admin panel of the web2py using an ssh tunnel refer to for linux and for windows

replace 8000 with the ports assigned to you.

Your instances will be available at the urls associated with you below.

lifeeth, port 8001

connie, port 8002

hasanatkazmi, port 8003

kkhushi, port 8004

ajuonline, port 8005

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