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Project Management


*By: David Bond

*Class: ITC 371 Personal Computer Applications

*Instructor: Dr. Connie White

*Semester: Fall 2013

The Medical Records for emergencies project will manage patient data during rescue and first aid operations. The data collected from patients will be used to help determine the level of injuries and recommend how best to treat the patients.

Project Description

The Philippines and surrounding areas have been devastated by a deadly typhoon on November 8th 2013. This project will collect data from injured patients while they are being treated. There are three zones that the injured patients will go through to be processed.

1.The first area is the Triage Zone. Patients will be photographed, classified, labeled with a RFDI tag and assigned a triage status.

2.The second area is First Aid and Treatment Zone. Patients will be tracked from their RFDI tag and personal data will be collected along with

contact information. Vitals, relevant diagnoses, emergency interventions and lab data will be collected.

3.The third area is the Reporting Point at Hospital Admissions. Patients will be tracked from their RFDI tag and the patient will be registered

and a report will be made. All of the patient’s data will be transferred to other medical record systems and a report with the patient's statistics will be created.


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Time Table

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