Milestone 0.5 "Ellen"

Completed 12 years ago (09/25/10 00:00:00)



  • Merge GSoC projects: Sync, Spreadsheet Importer, Survey Tool, Volunteer Management
  • S3XRC Version 2
  • Synchronisation:
    • can sync manually (without ZeroConf)
    • URNs not UUIDs
  • Enhanced Person Entity Model: DVI/MPR workflow
    • Add missing_report table
      • gives the necessary information about the missing status of a person (last seen when and where, reported missing by whom, contact numbers to call etc etc) - and this table's onaccept must create/update a corresponding presence record.
    • 'Report Person As Missing' on frontpage of module
  • Logistics: Inventory Stores, Distributions
  • Rapid Assessment Tool build on ECB design
  • RMS: Request Items, no more separate HMS-RMS, Shelters can make Requests
  • CR: People Registrations
  • Incident Reporting has customised simplified catagories available
  • Right-to-Left support
  • Language bar configurable
  • SVG Reports
  • Android client support (ODK)
  • Super-Entities for Sites & Situations
  • GIS
    • Location Selector (Hierarchy & Map-based)
    • redesigned so that Feature Class is no longer an attribute of Location, Feature Layers replace Feature Groups
    • Import functions
    • Clustering works with popups
  • Location de-duplicator
  • Performance Increases
    • S3ResuableField
    • Fix Compilation
  • list: types
  • Help popups appear OnHover
  • Deployment tools: fabfile, dbstruct
  • PostgreSQL compliance
  • Debug frameworks for both JS & Python
  • PDF/XLS exports more reliable
  • Confirmation when navigating away from a page with unsaved changed (#534)
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