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BluePrint: Augmented Reality


Develop a software that uses a smartphone or tablet’s camera to display incident reports of disasters the location and the distance the use is from the disaster using information overlay. May eventually be developed into use with google glass.


<Who will be the users of the solution?> <Who else will be affected by this solution? eg. Developers, Users of Existing Functionality that may be changed?> <How will stakeholders be affected?> Tip: Engage these stakeholders in the development of your BluePrint.

User Stories

As as dispatch manager I want to be able to send locations and information to other responders.

As a emergency responder I want to be able to see how far away I am from the incident.

As a user I want to be able to upload new incidents.

As a user I want the application to work with mobile data and wireless services.


The product must have a local database with pre-stored incident reports, camera preview with information overlay, multiple updating strategies for different connections such as WiFi and mobile data, a radar view which shows points of interest are the current location along with distance from location and if assistance is in route, simple instructions, and the ability for the use to report new incidents.


<Where relevant include alternative design options>

Planned Implementation

<List of goals for your implementations which you (include your name/github repo/IRC handle) are currently working on>

Future Extensions

<List of features which could be included, but are outside of the scope of this extension>

Outstanding Questions

<Questions about the features or design that haven't been (and need to be) answered>


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