BluePrint: AlertHub module of SAMBRO


Alerthub builds on SAMBRO and the Messaging module. One can configure the Alerthub to receive messages through CAP, RSS/Atom, Twitter, Facebook news feeds to, then, aggregate all those alerts for various information needs. It is intend to serve as a one-stop-shop for all your alerts. The alerts will be classified for the ease of filtering and drilling down into desired sets of spatial and temporal hazard event data. Moreover, the classification and statistical inference will provide insightful information for improved cross-agency situational-awareness.


  1. Register an alert feed as CAP, RSS/Atom, and Twitter
  2. Stage the data from feeds in a database and sanitize the data for processing
  3. Develop various database Views and Alerhub APIs mainly for
    1. generating exports in CSV and JSON formats
    2. automation (e.g. extracting data for running the classifier)
  4. Implement standard EDEN reporting tool for generating cross-tabs and charts for SAMBRO Alerthub data.
  5. Allow privileged users to subscribe notification of a filtered subset of the events (e.g. use trending hashtags)





  • The National Disaster Management Organization (NDMO) wants to host a, one-stop-shop, National Alerthub for private media groups (priviedged Subscribers) and the public (e.g. static views of most recent alerts).
  • A vetted organization makes a request to the Custodian for authorizing their feed a PKI and to accept digitally signed alerts.

Roles and responsibilities

Actor Role
Administrator Install and manage updates, database migrations, and other routine maintenance
Custodian add and edit news feeds; mainly from CAP, RSS/Atom, and Twitter feeds
Certified a SAMBRO Alerthub authenticated feed with digitally signed content and a PKI protected API
Subscriber is an extremely privileged user who could subscribe to various trending events or indicator thresholds to receive SMS, Email, or other means of new alerts




Process Flow

Eden model

Mandatory Modules

Alerthub specific modules


  1. Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Service Administration (PAGASA) - is implemented to serve as the Philippines National Alerthub, a one-stop-shop for alert.
  2. GRAB - Globally Relayed Alerts and Bulletins has been collecting data, on a prototype basis.


  1. WMO Filtered Alerthub
  2. github code of IAN prototype


Current status

Available features

  1. Map view of alerts with filtering
  2. Table view of alert with filtering
  3. CAP RSS and Atom feed register
  4. RSS and Atom (non-CAP) feed register
  5. Twitter feed register
  6. Facebook feed register

Missing features

  1. Spatial and Temporal filter widget to focus in on a particular time and space
    1. We need to add the timeslider to set the situational awareness window for user to set the:
      1. date attributes they want to filter by Then be able to set the start and end date using the slider
      2. alerts displayed on the map should vary accordingly
      3. default slider can be set to the expire date to show active alerts
      4. code:sahana/eden@039228c demo:
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