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BluePrint: Philippines Specifications

Current SAMBRO Installation for Philippines


This is a SAMBRO specific deployment customized implementation for the Philippine context. The Philippines Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astrological Services Administration(PAGASA) is the principal implementer working in partnership with the Philippines Volcanology and Seismology (PHILVOLCS) and the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC). At the outset PAGASA will lead the implementation and host the SAMBRO multi-agency situational-awareness platform until such time NDRRMMC builds capacity to take over.


The stakeholders listed will be involved in the implementation.

Organization Roles and Responsibilities
Philippines Atmospheric, Geophysical, and Astrological Services Administration (PAGASA)
Philippines Volcanology and Seismology (PHIVOLCS)
National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC)

Implementation benefits and expect outcomes

  • Google Crisis Response and PAGASA have set the stepping stone with the first CAP implementation in the Philippines. PAGASA is now able to publish Typhoon alerts.
  • CAP-on-a-Map considers an all-hazard all-media approach with the Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) as the interoperable content standard for exchanging life saving information.
  • The Sahana Alerting and Messaging Broker (SAMBRO), with CAP, is designed to improve efficiency gains and effectiveness in sharing crisis information.
  • PHIVOLCS has a number of program relating to disaster risk reduction going on. SAMBRO would help PHIVOLCS reach its goal to enhance the capabilities of disaster management authorities and related organizations to respond to earthquake and volcano disasters.
  • NDRRMC has been an important organization to manage and coordinate the information dissemination. SAMBRO would remove some of the existing complexities:
    • automation would remove the delays
    • mitigate some of the uncertainties resulting from the inter-dependencies
  • The Coastguard and the Maritime response team can be benefited as this system helps them to carry a thorough search and rescue services because of support of different technologies (VHF Radio) in the SAMBRO.
  • Emergency medicine and public health cuts a cross mot emergency situations. In all events where there are casualty and illness cases emergency medicine is inevitable. Philippines health services can be benefited by from this implementation.
  • Sharing alerts allows Philippines to integrate sharing messages across boarders as well as with ports authorities; and hence to convey reliable and accurate information.

User Stories



The Philippines Atmospheric, Geophysical, and Astrological Services Administration's detection and warning divisions

Weather Division

  • Provision of Tropical Cyclone advisories, bulletins and warnings

Hydro Meteorology Division

Department of Education

National Telecommunications Commission

Philippines Volcanology and Seismology

Metro Manila Development Authority

Philippine Red Cross

Department of Social Welfare and Development

Office of Civil Defense


  1. List of Events:
  2. System shall be able to integrate CAP feeds for the media system; implement RSS feeds to the CAP messages. These RSS feeds shall be interoperable between different available systems like Radio/TV, Telephone Company and different web services.
  3. The distinguished requirement of CAP is that the system should be able to support for multiple message type according to the level of Urgency, Certainty and Severity. The system shall be able to distinguish between through message priority categorization.
  4. The system shall also support the SMS messaging service to alert the targeted audience about the possible hazard and at the time of managing those hazards.
  5. In order to support different hazard alert and multiple messaging type according to Urgency, Certainty and Severity and different geographical location, system requires different GIS Data Layers to visualize those in the maps.
  6. Evacuation Plans - prepared and rehearsed well in advance of the threat.


  • Issue 10-15 alerts/day so would like a menu entry to see all Unapproved alerts
  • Want to see Delivery Receipts & Human acks for alerts
  • Want support for Field Observation Reports ('Comments') from CUG ppl
  • Need support for triggering sirens (done via touch tones to a tel#)
  • Link Location to SAME Geocode

Link Location to SAME Geocode

You should import the gis data by using the guidelines given in here:

The workflow is - if you have SAME geocode and some value. This will look lookup for the PSGC code in the gis_location_tag (which should be there once you upload the gis data(i.e. uploading GIS Data). If this SAME geocode value matches with the PSGC code, the location is automatically linked(created) for this alert and hence no extra step of creating location by itself.


Use case diagram can be found here
Process flow diagram can be found here
The SAMBRO GUI Design Page is this

  • The wireframe built using Python and Eden frameworks. The code is here. Anyone can use this as the basis to continue the CAP Broker developments.
  • This ticket contains some of the screen shots and initial GUI layouts with some descriptions.


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