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CAP Broker Use Cases

This page accommodates all the micro-evel use caases associated with the warning functions facilitated through SAMBRO].

Acknowledge Message

The use case diagram describes how at the time of implementation, the Admin (Implementer) generated subscriber group, termed as first-responders, are assigned to acknowledge (ACK) to a message and the process of recording those acknowledgements.

Process Description
assign a ACK to group First we must get subscriber groups and select the desired group. These groups are created by the Implementer. Second the ACK can be associated with an event type, warning priority, and a location. We may not require that low priority messages for certain event types in some location are acknowledged and are simply informative alerts.
issue CAP alert msg At the time of authoring a message, the Editor would set the Event Type, Location, and Warning Priority, which would determine the first-responder groups that should receive the message. In the message they would also receive a URL with the link to ACK the message. This link would typically be a CAP <resource> element.
send msg "ACK" The first-responder has two options to ACK to the message: 1) click on the link, login, and press the ACK button or 2) send an SMS with keywork ACK or "ACKNOWLEDGE" with the <identifier>
record ACK the process requires the subscriber ID (or Person ID) and the message id (i.e. CAP <identifier>) to record the acknowledge for a particular message by a particular message recipient.

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