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Models go in modules/eden/

# Profile

  • has many Constraint

# Template

  • has many Info (one for each language) -- does this need a separate table?

# Alert

  • has one or more Info (one for each language)
  • references one template

# Info # Constraint

As seen in the CAP 1.2 Specification these are the acceptable values that may be populated in the <info> child-elements indicated in parens. (The S3CAPModel already contains data-structures with the following information)

CAP alert Status Codes (status)

  • Actual: Actionable by all targeted recipients
  • Exercise: Actionable only by designated exercise participants; exercise identifier SHOULD appear in <note>
  • System: For messages that support alert network internal functions
  • Test: Technical testing only, all recipients disregard
  • Draft: preliminary template or draft, not actionable in its current form

CAP info Event Categories (category)

  • Geo: Geophysical (inc. landslide)
  • Met: Meteorological (inc. flood)
  • Safety: General emergency and public safety
  • Security: Law enforcement, military, homeland and local/private security
  • Rescue: Rescue and recovery
  • Fire: Fire suppression and rescue
  • Health: Medical and public health
  • Env: Pollution and other environmental
  • Transport: Public and private transportation
  • Infra: Utility, telecommunication, other non-transport infrastructure
  • CBRNE: Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear or High-Yield Explosive threat or attack
  • Other: Other events

CAP info Response Type (responseType)

  • Shelter: Take shelter in place or per <instruction>
  • Evacuate: Relocate as instructed in the <instruction>
  • Prepare: Make preparations per the <instruction>
  • Execute: Execute a pre-planned activity identified in <instruction>
  • Avoid: Avoid the subject event as per the <instruction>
  • Monitor: Attend to information sources as described in <instruction>
  • Assess: Evaluate the information in this message. (This value SHOULD NOT be used in public warning applications.)
  • AllClear: The subject event no longer poses a threat or concern and any follow on action is described in <instruction>
  • None: No action recommended

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