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Models go in modules/eden/

  • Profile
    • type: numeric,string
    • constraint_type:
  • Template
    • has many Info (one for each language) -- does this need a separate table?
  • Alert
    • has one or more Info (one for each language)
    • references one template
  • Info
  • Profile_Info

As seen in the CAP 1.2 Specification these are the acceptable values that may be populated in the element indicated in parens. (Only enum types are shown here) (The S3CAPModel already contains data-structures with information for some of these)

CAP alert Status Codes (alert/status)

  • Actual: Actionable by all targeted recipients
  • Exercise: Actionable only by designated exercise participants; exercise identifier SHOULD appear in <note>
  • System: For messages that support alert network internal functions
  • Test: Technical testing only, all recipients disregard
  • Draft: preliminary template or draft, not actionable in its current form

CAP alert Message Types (alert/msgType)

  • Alert: Initial information requiring attention by targeted recipients
  • Update: Updates and supercedes the earlier message(s) identified in <references>
  • Cancel: Cancels the earlier message(s) identified in <references>
  • Ack: Acknowledges receipt and acceptance of the message(s) identified in <references>
  • Error: - Indicates rejection of the message(s) identified in <references>; explanation SHOULD appear in <note>

CAP alert scope (alert/scope)

  • Public: For general dissemination to unrestricted audiences
  • Restricted: For dissemination only to users with a known operational requirement (needs specification of <restriction>)
  • Private: For dissemination only to specified addresses (needs specification of <addresses>)

CAP info Event Categories (info/category)

  • Geo: Geophysical (inc. landslide)
  • Met: Meteorological (inc. flood)
  • Safety: General emergency and public safety
  • Security: Law enforcement, military, homeland and local/private security
  • Rescue: Rescue and recovery
  • Fire: Fire suppression and rescue
  • Health: Medical and public health
  • Env: Pollution and other environmental
  • Transport: Public and private transportation
  • Infra: Utility, telecommunication, other non-transport infrastructure
  • CBRNE: Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear or High-Yield Explosive threat or attack
  • Other: Other events

CAP info Response Type (info/responseType)

  • Shelter: Take shelter in place or per <instruction>
  • Evacuate: Relocate as instructed in the <instruction>
  • Prepare: Make preparations per the <instruction>
  • Execute: Execute a pre-planned activity identified in <instruction>
  • Avoid: Avoid the subject event as per the <instruction>
  • Monitor: Attend to information sources as described in <instruction>
  • Assess: Evaluate the information in this message. (This value SHOULD NOT be used in public warning applications.)
  • AllClear: The subject event no longer poses a threat or concern and any follow on action is described in <instruction>
  • None: No action recommended

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