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BluePrint for CSS

Original Sahana CSS documented here: DeveloperGuidelines/Themes

We have moved to a full page design to allow maximal screen real estate to be available for list views & data entry. Ours is based on:

The logo font is Brush Script.

Q: Should we migrate to BlueTrip?
A: Probably not as their value isn't proven.

CSS can be previewed in different browsers, however no interaction is possible:

Maximal usability ideas:

HTML5 Cross-browser polyfills:

Multiple Theme Support

See: Projects/Design/SahanaEdenTheme


Alternative layouts

We should include alternate layouts which different views can inherit from (common areas included into these to be DRY):

Q: How to {{include}} content into multiple areas? (How is it done with the JPolite app?)

Can use LOAD to import a component into an area of a webpage. Updates to this component happen independently to the rest of the page:

Right-to-Left theme

We already have a simple:

body {
    direction: rtl;

This is currently set using the Theme.

We could look at setting this based on a lookup of the current locale.

Print View

Provide a view which allows for better Printing

  • CSS sufficient? (media=print)

Browsers don't print pages in identical ways...if this is key, need to use PDF (like for format=ocr).

Print on a Map

Mobile View

Provide a cut-down version for use on low-screensize, low-bandwidth devices, such as Mobiles.

Current Issues

Are there any big ones?

  • Main page content displays well as text reflows due to nice column layout
  • Top-menu works fine, but fixed-width means a lot of scrolling (could use improvement, but hard to fix)
    • GIS Catalogue Toolbar also needs scrolling - ugly, but usable
  • dataTables work but need some scrolling (not sure this is possible to work around & seems OK)
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