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BluePrint: Crisis Mapping


Sahana Eden can be used as a Crisis Mapping Platform to allow incidents and other information to be mapped during a crisis. Most of the building blocks for Crisis Mapping are already in place in Sahana Eden, and the goal of this project would be to bring these pieces together in a usable solution. This will allow Crisis Mapping to be integrated into other Sahana Eden solutions. The focus of this project is building an easy to use solution.

This project will involve developing a custom Template: {{{Crisis_Map}}

Michael Howden from the Sahana Community is able to help mentor this project. If you have any questions, please contact the Sahana Eden Mailing List


TBC <Who will be the users of the solution?> <Who else will be affected by this solution? eg. Developers, Users of Existing Functionality that may be changed?> <How will stakeholders be affected?> Tip: Engage these stakeholders in the development of your BluePrint.

User Stories


  • A person in the community wants to be able to report the impact of a disaster to get assistance
  • An emergency manager wants to be able to view the needs across the community



Phase I

  • Custom homepage & menu
  • Form to upload incidents to the map (using irs_rireport )
  • Map showing incidents
  • Ability to select different icons (See: DeveloperGuidelines/GIS)

Phase II

  • Import feeds from different social media platforms (See: DeveloperGuidelines/Messaging)
  • Configure feeds to import
  • Create incidents from clicking on map points

Phase III

  • Allow "voting" to prioritize
  • Control voting by different permissions
  • Allow requests & tasks to be generated and linked from incidents


TBC - But having some wireframes for the solution would be useful <Where relevant include alternative design options>

Data Model

(e.g. EER or class diagrams)


<Diagrams or Pseudocode>

Site Map

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<for User Interface solutions>


Current Implementation

TBC <Leave open for a list of existing implementation of this solution in Sahana Eden:> <*a brief description of the implementation (date/time, name, design options chosen)> <*a link to the code> <*list of deployments of the implementation> <*links to case studies> <*short analysis of achievements/problems>

Planned Implementation

TBC <List of goals for your implementations which you (include your name/github repo/IRC handle) are currently working on>

Future Extensions

<List of features which could be included, but are outside of the scope of this extension>

Outstanding Questions

<Questions about the features or design that haven't been (and need to be) answered>


  • Other Crisis Mapping Software:
    • [ Ushahidi]
  • Similar Functionality is described here: BluePrint/SocialMedia


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