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     1Data Depository tools such as CKAN are becoming popular within the humanitarian aid space.
     3They allow people share data sets within a searchable environment, making it easier for users to find raw data sets.
     5This is particularly useful for organizations that receive lots of raw data, want to make that data available as quickly as possible to their stakeholders, while also integrating that data into their own information management system.
     7Since Sahana produces the type of information management systems into which people want to integrate raw data, it makes sense for it to support the process of making that raw data, and other data as well, available to Sahana users.
     9The basic idea is to create a "data repository module" that would perform some of the key functions that CKAN does.  Namely:
     11* Publish Data
     12  * registered users can publish data via link or file upload
     13  * they can add metadata that conforms to DCAT standards
     14  * they can set permissions for that data. Start with public, metadata view only, private
     16* Manage Data
     17  * users can become the (manager) of a specific dataset
     18  * they can change its status (new, processing, processed // up-to-date, outdated)
     19  * they can edit its metadata information
     20  * they can delete it
     22* Find Data
     23  * users can filter and search through data
     24  * they can download data in multiple formats (if available)
     25  * they can add comments/notes to the data
     26  * they can access metadata information via API
     28Schema Ideas:
     32Date/Time Submitted
     33Submitted through (channel)
     34Date/Time Updated
     35Updated By
     37Permissions: Public, View Metadata, Private
     38Status: New, Processing (+ manager), Integrate (+reference_link, +note)
     40Accessibility Note
     41General Note