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    1212Tracking general public cases (as opposed to organisations' internal staff/volunteers should be done in coordination with official government bodies.
     14=== Tracking Solution using QR Codes ===
     16The problem this use-case is trying to solve is to provide a solution for tracking who was where and when to then identify who else was there and where have they all been in a certain period.
     18'''Facility or Vessel want to display the QR codes'''
     19''Facilities'' can be restaurants, markets, schools, hospitals, retails outlets, offices
     20''Vessels'' can be public transport (busses, ferries,
     211. The owner registers in the system (facility name, address, Lat/Lon coordinates, company registration, and contact details)
     22Downloads and prints the three types of QR codes: (A) Entrance, (B) Exit, and (C) Mobile APP; then pastes the a) Entrance and c) Mobile APP QR codes at the entrance and the b) Exit QR code at the exit of the facility or vessel.
     24'''The client must scan the codes to enter the facility or vessel'''
     251. NO Smartphone Client -- they are asked to present identification and contact number, which is written on paper and then later entered into the system
     261. With Smartphone Client --
     27   a. Doesn't have the Mobile APP; hence, scans the (C) Mobile APP QR code the receive the URL, download the APP, and installs the APP.
     28   a. The client registers themselves with a name, contact details, and an identification (maybe a photo of ID Card or Passport).
     29   a. The client opens the QR code scanner to read (A) Entrance QR code -- the record is submitted along with the Facility / Vessel ID, Client ID, Time, and State = hasEntered
     30   a. The client spends several minutes and before exiting, opens the APP and QR scanner to scan the (B) Exit -- the record is submitted along with the Facility / Vessel ID, Client ID, Time, and State = hasExit
     32'''Analyst wants to find the set of Clients Y infected by Patient X'''
     331. The analysts search for Patient X in the database and then requests for all associated data; i.e. all Clients Y and Facility / Vessel Z for a particular time frame (recursively retrieve all data or apply an algorithm)
    1435== Current Status ==