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Project Managment

  • Tucker Lacour
  • Class: ITC 371 Personal Computer Applications
  • Instructor: Dr. Connie White


Ground Zero Emergency Response is looking to improve the way responders and disaster aid help and keep track of those in need. What we are proposing is a medical wrist band that contains crucial information, tracking number, and is color coordinated based on their current condition. These armbands will help speed up the medical aid process through organization and will help those who are close to them find them once they are in better condition.

Project Description

  • In this Module, I am looking to improve how we identify and keep track on victims in a emergency situation. The method I propose to do this would be to have color coded wristbands for each person based on their ailment or injury, and have them treated accordingly.
  • To do this, I have created a criteria to determine what kind of wristband each patient would have when found or receiving treatment. The bands themselves will tell the patient's injury, status as of the last checkpoint, and where to send them should they need more than first aid.
  • When the first responders find a victim, they will assess their current physical and mental state, and keep it noted as they transport them to first aid. Once at first aid, a wristband will be created for the patient and given to them, along with first aid and future medical or bodily necessities. If the patient needs further medical need, they will be transported to a more supplied medical facility and organized by their wristbands.
  • Following their care, they will be re evaluated to make sure their condition has not worsened or changed drastically.
  • Once the patients have returned to their home after the clean up, we will update their medical records in the event another disaster strikes.


For the first response

Entrypoint A - Triage Zone:

  • Tag Label Assignment / Label Handling (Bar code)
  • Photograph
  • Classification (Age Group, Sex)
  • Health Status (Conscious, Dead)
  • Mark down known ailments on paper if digital isn't applicable

For the second response

Entrypoint B - First Aid / Treatment Zone:

  • Get Armband for Person in Question
  • Patient Tracking
  • Personal Data / Contact Data
  • Vital Values / Mental Status
  • Relevant Diagnoses / Classification
  • Emergency Interventions
  • Emergency Lab Data (if applicable)
  • Severity of danger

For extended care

Reporting Point - Regular Hospital Admission:

  • Patient Tracking
  • Patient Registration
  • Reporting
  • Data Transfer to other Medical Record Systems
  • Statistics
  • Re evaluation

user case

  • As a user, I want to make sure I get the proper help
  • As a Responder, I want to make sure these people get the right aid
  • As a user, I want to know where my family is should they need more help
  • As a user, I want to make sure what's wrong with me or my friend is classified as


  • Mind Map

Site Mock Up

Time Table

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