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Work has started to integrate OpenGeo's GeoExplorer as an alternate/replacement Map Viewing Client.


  • Good for Users to use consistent tools across applications
  • Good for Developers to be part of a bigger community
  • We want to rewrite to have most of the app in static JavaScript anyway
    • ease contributions from JavaScript developers (who may be put off the Python part)
    • support caching
  • There are some cool features available which we'd like to make use of

Feature Comparison

GeoExplorer has which MVC doesn't

  • Save personalised, bookmarkable map views (layers / viewport)
  • Browse for new WMS servers/layers
  • Google Earth 'layer'
  • Legend panel for WMS layers
  • Print support more complete
    • Warning for unsupported layers
  • Implementation of 'group' for different layer folders (can use this for Internal/External feeds)
  • Icons in top toolbar ('north') instead of Map panel title: more screen real-estate for map & potentially space for more icons (although good to keep uncluttered if possible)

MVC has which GeoExplorer doesn't

  • Internal feature layers (do these as KML?)
  • KML/GeoRSS/GPX layers (use source 'ol'?)
  • Clustering
  • Extra OSM layers (CycleMap, Hillshading, Taiwan, Custom)
  • Extra Google layers (MapMaker)
  • Yahoo layers
  • Potlatch2 integration
  • HTML5 GeoLocation support
  • GeoNames Search
  • Overview map
  • Mouse Pointer: Lat/Lon & MGRS

Issues with GeoExplorer


  • Published maps: geoexplorer/viewer.html#id
    • Doesn't appear to read the config at all!
    • Viewer sends about to geoexplorer/about.html
  • How to edit Title/Abstract(Description)/Contact when saving a map?
  • How to save a WMS Server when saving a Map? ("source":"source78")
  • Not clear when saving whether this is a New map or an Update
    • Should have a 'Save As' option
  • No Mouse wheel to zoom
  • scaleLinePanel ugly: remove the Scale Chooser?
  • Layer-Switcher in Embedded View not as nice...why different UI (just that we have less space not a reason since we can collapse mini)
  • Currently has issues with GeoExt 1.0 (j is null)
  • Not tried updating to latest GXP version from GitHub yet


  • Ext 3.0.0 -> 3.2.1 (Test they work ok with 3.0.0 too):
    • height: 27 (north) [GeoExplorer.js & Viewer.js]
    • header: false (westPanel) [GeoExplorer.js]
  • OpenLayers 2.9 -> 2.10
    • Can remove the 'Patch the SphericalMercator layer' from the top of GeoExplorer.js

GIS BluePrints

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