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BluePrint - Guidelines

We use BluePrints to capture ideas, features, requirements and design options for Sahana Eden components. These can either be a simple collection of rough ideas about features you need or formal documentation following our BluePrint Template.

This can start with a simple User Story (or a full Use Case). These can be simple stories which describe how Sahana Eden could be used in different scenarios.

A good User Story should answer the following questions:

  • Who the user is
  • What they want the application to do for them?
  • Why they want it to do that? (Purpose)

A <type of user> wants the system to <do something for them> so that <can achieve a goal>.

More information:

User stories depend on the purpose of each deployment, and on the roles of the users of that deployment. Since the types of deployments and the roles and needs of their users are not limited to specific features or projects, add descriptions of types of deployments and types of user roles to the collection of Deployment Types and User Roles for User Stories, so they can be shared.

It can then be mocked-up using Wireframes or other diagrams (a picture tells a thousand words), using tools like:

BluePrints can be used by yourself or other contributors to:

  • develop and evaluate solutions
  • develop Projects for others to work on
  • develop test cases
  • write documentation
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