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BluePrint: Hospital Management System


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In terms of integrating the HMS with other Sahana modules, it should be possible to assign a hospital to an organisation within the Organisation Registry. A hospital is effectively a branch of a health organisation, so it would be good to have this tight integration with the Organisation Registry. All of the key contact information should therefore be normalised and be stored as part of the Organisation Registry. Of course this should be editable and manageable from the HMS. This tight integration is required to avoid duplication by having to re-enter hospital fields that are shared in the broader Organisation Registry. This means that all health organisations and hospitals will be part of the Organisation Registry and exports.


The data collected in the Hospital Management System should be designed with the ability to export and import Hospital status via EDXL-HAVE. In some situations the Sahana server may act as an authoritative source (e.g. where no existing hospital status system was in place) and Sahana needs to act as a publish of HAVE information. In others, where actual hospitals are publishing status via HAVE, we need to act as an importer/aggregator and be able to consume HAVE, and update the data in our tables e.g. bed capacities etc.


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