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    7777|| || **place** //integer the place to resume within the tour, if not completed// ||
     79==== Tour Input ====
     81|| **__Configuration__** || **auto_start** //boolean// - does the tour start automatically, default '''''false''''' ||
     82|| || **logged_in** //boolean// - does the tour require the person to be logged in, default '''''true''''' ||
     83|| **__Details__** || **Tour_Name** //string// ||
     84|| || **Tip_Title** //string// ||
     85|| || **Tip_Details** //string// ||
     86|| || **HTML_ID** //string// unique identifier for the location of the tip ||
     87|| || **Button** //string// the name of the button, default 'Next' ||
     88|| || **Tip_Location** //string// the side of the HTML_ID to which the tip points to, (top, bottom, left, right) default bottom ||
     89|| || **DataTable_ID** //string// Name of dataTable for which some data will be extracted ||
     90|| || **DataTable_row** //integer// The row of the table for which data is to be extracted ||
     91|| || **DataTable_columns** //stringlist// The column headings from which data is to be extracted (from the row) '''''each column can be referred to in the text using the special combination %(dt_<heading>)s where heading is one of the dataTable headings and is used in the string list ||
     92|| || **Redirect** //URL// page to which upon clicking the button the tour will redirect to ||
     96#!div style="font-size: 80%"
     97Tour_Name, joyrideID_1
     98auto_start, false
     99logged_in, false
     101Tip_Title, Situation
     102Tip_Details, Each situation button will perform an action that will allow you to see the various resources that are available.
     103HTML_ID, menu_div_sit
     104Button, Next
     105Tip_Location, Right
     107Tip_Title, Decision
     108Tip_Details, Each decision button will perform an action that is part of a decision based on the situation.
     109HTML_ID, menu_div_dec
     111Tip_Title, Response
     112Tip_Details, Each response button will perform an action that is in response to an earlier decision.
     113HTML_ID, menu_div_res
     114Tip_Location, Left
     116Tip_Title, Facilities
     117Tip_Details, Here are a list of the different type of facilities that are registered on the system.
     118HTML_ID, facility_box
     119Tip_Location, Left
     121Tip_Title, Feeds
     122Tip_Details, Here are a number of media feeds which can be configured to listen for a variety of information.
     123HTML_ID, feed-control
     124Tip_Location, Top
     126Tip_Title, Register for an account
     127Tip_Details, Click the link to register for a free account. You will need to have an account to create data and explore Sahana Eden in depth
     128HTML_ID, register-btn
     129Button, Finish
    80132=== Workflows ===