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Sahanapy should preferably use the combination of GNU/gettext + Pootle/translate toolkit + Babel for internationalization purposes:


  • PO-based translation (GNU/gettext) works with both Sahana-PHP and Sahana-Python (one translation project applicable for both code bases)
  • there is already a Pootle engine successfully run and well known by the Sahana community
  • Babel tools support advanced message extraction methods (e.g. even from HTML templates)
  • Babel library also supports localized date and number formatting which is very useful for the Sahana type of application
  • Babel also integrates well with Trac
  • Babel comes under BSD-like license, which is compatible to LGPL3.


  • GNU/gettext does not support context tagging of message strings, so non-ambiguous terminology is a requirement
  • Offline RAD would require extra software (all except Pootle, which can be replaced by any text editor) + perhaps extract/build scripts

Other options:


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