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Internationalisation Blueprint

This page looks at ways we can extend the Internationalisation options within Sahana Eden.

Production Options are defined within DeveloperGuidelines/Internationalisation

User perspective is: UserGuidelines/Localisation



  • Upload .po file
  • Exclude all templates other than current one by default (option to include all templates, defaulting to off)
  • Default list of modules to the ones which are active in the running template
  • List of modules shouldn't come from list of controllers (e.g. misses translate itself!)
  • Exclude Unit Tests folder
  • Exclude all full paths (2nd occurrence+ is giving full path)
  • Rewrite translate() so that only opt3 is a REST controller for translate_language (no need for an opt)
    • All other opts should be separate controllers
  • Online help to explain that the local languages/ will be updated & that uploaded files will be merged
  • Online help to explain 'core files'
  • Copy code from TranslateToolkit internally to avoid having external dependencies & launching a shell


  • JavaScript
  • Extend web2py2po/po2web2py to support translator comments
    def translate(self, message, symbols):
           user ## to add a comment into a translation string
           the comment can be useful do discriminate different possible
           translations for the same string (for example different locations)
           T(' hello world ') -> ' hello world '
           T(' hello world ## token') -> 'hello world'
           T('hello ## world ## token') -> 'hello ## world'

Other options


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