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    1818=== Documentation ===
    1919 * UserGuidelines/Logistics
     20=== Shipment ===
     21Items can be moved from one site to another. This is managed by the shipment application.
     22This application has a number of work-flows, which are briefly described here from a technical (developer rather than user) perspective. The shipment application manages the movement of stock items form one site to another. For clarity the word warehouse will be used for the site sending the goods although it would not necessarily be a warehouse.
     23==== Send & Receive ====
     24This involves a warehouse creating a send inventory (inv_send) and populating it with stock items (inv_inv_item) from the warehouse. The system will move these items from out of the warehouse totals, to avoid any potential problems with over-commitment, and into track items (inv_track_item). At this point their will be a send inventory and multiple track items, physically the items will still be in the warehouse and all the records will have a status of "In Process".
     26When each track item is created several actions are performed:
     27 * The tracking number is validated to be unique within the organisation that owns the warehouse
     28 * The organisation that is doing the shipment is added to the record
     29 * Details from the inventory item are copied across so that they are preserved (for example if the price changes the price at time of shipping it retained)
     31When the items are ready to be sent (presumably they have been loaded onto some form of transport and are ready to leave the warehouse) they can then be sent (send shipment). At this point the status of the records are changed to "Sent". These records are now locked to prevent any change (except by someone with admin permissions) and a receive inventory record (inv_recv) is created. Each track item record is linked with this receive record, the ownership of this record is set to being the site to where the goods are being sent.
     33Once the goods have been send a "Waybill" can be printed off. The shipment can be cancelled (presumably the lorries have been called back) or it is possible to confirm that the shipment has been received, this is used if the items are being received by a site which is not using Sahana-Eden to track the goods. If a shipment is cancelled then the status is changed to "cancelled" (no surprises there) and the good are put back into the warehouse. The quantities in each track item are reduced to zero but the original values are added as a comment.
     35When the goods arrive
     36==== Cancel a Sent Shipment ====
     37==== Cancel a Received Shipment ====
     38==== Adjusting a Received Shipment ====
    2140=== Related ===