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Blueprint for Outbound Messaging Enhancements

Outbound Queue Performance

Email Error Handling

Web2py's Mail.send raises exceptions, contradicting its docstring. In particular, a common configuration error, failing to edit the example email sender, will cause a ticket when a user attempts to register. (Registration includes an email send even if no verification or approval is needed, as the user will get a welcome message in that case.) Since this is not a user error, but rather a misconfiguration that the site admin needs to deal with, it should not block registration nor show an error to the user. (See also ticket #439 -- we currently delete the user's temporary registration if there is an email error, but don't report anything to the site admin.)

We would prefer to have Web2py's Mail.send behavior fixed in Web2py, but this could be a backward-compatibility issue, and might take some time to resolve. So for now we'll subclass Mail (as MailS3) and show what we'd like done in Web2py. We can store our MailS3 instance in current.mail so it will be used by Web2py's Auth for those actions we don't override -- password change and username recovery.

Since we're subclassing Mail anyway, we can introduce other changes. In particular, we might want to use the outbound message queue rather than having the user wait for a direct send to be performed. This solves the issue #439 with configuration errors versus registration-related email. The user will not see any email errors, we can leave in their temporary registration, and the actual send during queue processing will log an error for the site admin to deal with. When the configuration is repaired, the message should be retried and sent without further intervention.

These enhancements need to be in MailS3.send so they're used by Web2py's Auth, but they're not what we want pushed as a fix to Web2py's send and we still need access to the direct, non-queued send for outbound queue processing, so the send fix will be included in MailS3 as send_direct_email.

A new user does not have a pentity while going through email verification, and the approver is denoted only by an email address, so in order to queue up those messages we would like to extend outbound queuing for...

Sending to addresses without pentities

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