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Inbound Message Parsing


This is a project proposal for GSoC 2012. We need to parse inbound messages, with an initial focus being SMS.

We can test this with Clickatell or a local phone (the Clickatell Inbound SMS fucntionality needs to be developed, which could be in-scope for this project).

Where should the code live?

Currently message parsing is done in the core code: modules/s3/

We want to be able to make this a deployment-specific set of options.

We are still working on developing our Profile Layer for having deployment-specific files separated from core code, so we can start by just making this a deployment-template like copying the file to modules/s3/ for easy import into S3MSG.

How does the code get run?

The Inbound Message receiving task should be run via the Scheduler:


We want to be able to process OpenGeoSMS

If we need to have complex parsing, then we can make use of pyparsing



We want to be able to direct the message to the appropriate module to handle the data.

This could be done either by launching a real REST request or else simulating one via the API.

resource = s3mgr.define_resource("module", "resourcename")


Use Cases

This will be used by at least CERT. They wish to process responses to deployment notifications where the recipients send back at least 'Accepted' / 'Reject'

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