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     1= !BluePrint: Update Projects interface to meet Occupy's needs =
     4== Description ==
     6The Occupy projects team is currently using a [ Google Form] to capture information about projects. The Sahana Projects system seems to be designed to capture information about work done on internal projects -- the question is whether we can use it to define future projects for which volunteers & services are needed, etc.
     8This is how it seems the fields in the Google form map to existing database objects:
     10     - Project name: project name
     11     - Project blurb: short activity description
     12     - Project description: project description
     13     - Organization: lead implementor
     14     - Location: activity location
     15     - Services needed: tasks, assigned to service leads (tech, volunteers, grants, budget)
     16     - Private contact information: reference to project lead
     17     - Public contact info: who people should get in touch with if they're interested in helping (could just go in description)
     19These are fields that don't seem to have an analog in Sahana's models:
     21     - Project (Activity?) category: new model with entries like distribution, food, etc.
     22     - Media link: url to Youtube site, etc.
     23     - Project partners: individuals and org references
     25== Use-Cases ==
     27A project team member would create a new project and associated activities. They would create tasks for services they need, assigned to the people who lead those services (tech, volunteers, funding, etc.). Activity/project info would be publicly accessible to people interested in volunteering on specific activities. Project team members could view information about all ongoing and planned projects.
     29== Requirements ==
     31    - A new activity category model
     32    - Media link and project partners fields added to activity model
     33    - A new (non-editable) view of individual projects and existing activities
     34    - A new public project list and individual project views
     36== Design ==
     38(See requirements.)
     40== Implementation ==