BluePrint: PDF Generation

This page is a collection of notes on PDF generation that were previously scatter around a number of other pages.


For more formal reports (which can also be retrieved via webservices using the PDF representation of the REST Controller), we currently use ReportLab. This also supports Graphics (via PIL)

How to set up a new PDF file

You need to edit your pdf-defs.tcl file to include the new type in pdf_generate_pdf. Also create a new Python file, and set it up as you like it. That's basically it.


PDF Tasks

From Haiti Response - are these still current?

  • Fix the base PDF generation in models/'s export_pdf() as they currently look awful (& hence aren't exposed to users by hiding it in views/formats.html)!
    • /module/resource.pdf
  • Provide a Filter option exposed to users so they can print just the Contacts for a particular Organisation
    • Ideally a generic routine, but then a custom one can be added via response.s3.formats.pdf variable being set in the Controller before invoking the shn_rest_controller() to make it really pretty


Other Tools


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